Automatic Hand Sanitising Station


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Multi-purpose Automatic Sanitising Station


Our Automatic Sanitising Station is suitable for most kind of liquid gels. The station includes a fully automatic gel dispenser and a stand that helps to move it when and where required to meet personal and public health measures. Our sanitising station is 100% touch free and operates completely automatic with a precised infrared sensor. It is made of high quality ABS material with highest standards of finishing, a see through window so you can easily maintain and refill the gel and a professionally designed liquid nozzle that prevents liquid dripping or leakage.


Capacity: 1 Litre

Material: ABS Plastic

Application: Wall Mounted

Color: White & Black

Battery Version: 4 x C Batteries

Stand Height: 150 cm/Adjustable

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Automatic Hand Sanitising Station
Automatic Hand Sanitising Station
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